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Editor (Prof. Ananta Charan Sukla)

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Prof. Ananta Charan Sukla

  • M.A. (English and Philosophy), Ph.D., Sahitya Sastri
  • Founder Editor of JCLA
  • A 42, Sector-7, Markat Nagar, Cuttack-753014, Odisha, India
  • Email:

Professor Ananta Ch. Sukla is Director of Vishvanatha Kaviraja Institute of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (Odisha, India) and the founder editor of the Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (inception 1978).

He was formerly Professor of English and Comparative Literature of Sambalpur University (Odisha) and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Aesthetics, University of Uppsala (Sweden).

Sukla has lectured on aspects of Indian aesthetics vis--vis Western aesthetics at different European Universities such as Lampeter, Cardiff, Liverpool and Helsinki, and addressed several international conferences on comparative aesthetics and philosophy of art as plenary speaker / chairman at Lahti (Finland), Bologna (Italy) etc.

Apart from innumerable conference papers, book chapters major publications include: and journal articles/reviews Professor Sukla's major publications include: The Concept of Imitation in Greek and Indian Aesthetics (Calcutta: 1977), Aesthtica Indiana Contemporanea (Rome: 1996), Art and Representation (Praeger: Comecticeant and London, 2001), Art and Experience (Praeger: 2003), Art and Essence (with Stephen Davies, Praeger, 2003), Sridhara Svami:A Medieval Philosopher of Religion, Visvanatha Kaviraja: A Medieval Sanskrit Poetiean. (Forthcoming, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi).

Professor Sukla has specialized in comparative aesthetics (Sanskrit and Western), literary theory, philosophy of art, religion and language and cultural studies.

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